“I know of no more encouraging fact
than the unquestionable ability of man
to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.”

– Henry David Thoreau


The Walker Consulting Group is proud to introduce Consultative Selling Insights (CSI), a sales training and development program unlike any other. The material is customized to the business reality of our client organizations and ideally suited for sales professionals regardless of their experience. CSI helps salespeople deliver results by providing them with additional skills to gain access to key decision makers and create competitive differentiation. It transforms sales professionals from a transactional approach of taking orders to a consultative approach of creating and demonstrating strategic value.

At The Walker Consulting Group, we guarantee that CSI will:

  • Raise the standards of sales professionalism to the highest possible levels
  • Communicate value and reduce the demand for unwarranted concessions
  • Generate new business by sharpening your team’s ability to gain access to key decision makers
  • Provide methodologies for overcoming barriers that can block or impede new business
  • Increase your sales team’s confidence and ability to make persuasive presentations at the highest levels
  • Help salespeople transition from transactional selling to consultative selling
  • Provide strategies and techniques to differentiate your organization in the marketplace
  • Make a positive, significant and long-term impact on sales, profits, and market-share

“I know of no more encouraging fact
than the unquestionable ability of man
to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.”

– Henry David Thoreau

The material is based on a proven methodology that uses a wide variety of customized simulations, group activities, classroom discussions, case studies, structured experiences, audio and videotaped role-play exercises and learning instruments that dramatically enhance the application and retention of the material. An ideal class size is 20 participants, but smaller and larger groups are manageable.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Module One: Transactional vs. Consultative Selling

Helping participants embrace change and commit to a life of continuous learning are two primary objectives of CSI. Module One introduces participants to a Change Matrix which analyzes why sales professionals often resist change, despite overwhelming evidence for the need to do so. This opening module also explores how customers define value and why the traditional approach of “feature-benefit selling” is less effective today than it was in the past. Module One reviews the fundamental differences between transactional and consultative selling and builds a case for sales professionals to enhance their consultative selling skills by creating and demonstrating real value.

Module Two: CLEAR the Customer’s Concerns

Customers buy from people they trust. Module Two examines four essential communication skills for establishing and building trust in new account relationships, including the ability to initiate rapport and establish parity with key decision makers at the highest levels. Participants are also introduced to a practical and effective model for improving listening skills and handling objections called CLEARSMParticipants complete a self-assessment that provides insight into their communication behavior, particularly when dealing with customer resistance. Lessons from the self-assessment help sales professionals improve their communication skills and enhance their emotional intelligence.

A recorded role-play exercise, based on a customized case study, allows participants to practice listening skills and objection handling skills in their unique business reality.

Module Three: Carpe DM – Seize the Decision Maker

All decision makers are not equal! Module Three presents a compelling case for top-down selling that circumvents barriers that are designed to freeze sales professionals out. It includes an in-depth discussion on why many sales professionals avoid key decision makers. Participants develop a clear understanding of how to address the issues and concerns that are most important to the key decision maker. Specific tactics and strategies for maneuvering past the gatekeeper and winning the support of critical influencers are examined and discussed. Such strategies prove invaluable for effective prospecting and winning new business, particularly large accounts. Carpe DM is guaranteed to help your sales team gain access to and influence key decision makers.

Module Four: Asking SMART Questions

Decision makers qualify salespeople by the quality of their questions. The old adage, “Ask open-ended questions” is no longer sufficient. In CSI, salespeople learn to craft questions that engage the customer, produce dialogue, provoke the customer’s thinking, determine how the customer defines value, measure the customer’s tolerance for risk and establish how the customer determines the criteria for success.

Module Four presents practical, effective and memorable diagnostic strategies that will help your sales team connect their solution to the specific needs of the customer. Module Four differentiates your sales force from the competition and places your organization in the preferred position.

“Man is not the creature of circumstances; circumstances are the creatures of men.”

– Benjamin Disraeli

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

– Sir Edmund Hillary

Module Five: The 6-S (Success) Presentation

Nothing distinguishes a top-tier sales professional like a high impact presentation. Participants are introduced to a presentation methodology that produces results. Module Five allows sales professionals to demonstrate their unique resource capabilities, walk customers through the benefits and the implementation of a solution, establish an ROI and win their customers’ support and commitment. Participants conduct a video-taped role play exercise based on a specific guidance for planning and delivering a sales presentation.

Module Six: Taking it to the Street

CSI is not a day camp for rich kids. It is a hard-hitting, results-producing experience designed to make a positive and significant impact on your bottom line. Specific strategies for transitioning learnings from the classroom to the street are analyzed, debated and discussed. Participants are provided practical tools for implementing CSI where it matters – in the real world. The management team is introduced to proven techniques for coaching and reinforcement that guarantees long-term, sustainable results.

“2018 was a record year in sales for Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta.
Most of our sales organization has attended CSI training with The Walker Consulting Group.
We attribute much of our success directly to CSI.”

– Lee Smith, President, Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta